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 Practice Proudly 

As young lawyers, we deserve to take pride in our work. Doing so equips us to better manage all the stresses of life and the law, empowers us to hold strong through the tough times, and to be the best lawyers and people we can be–for ourselves, for our families, and in serving others. To this end, my priorities as President would be: (1) skills & career development resources; (2) mental health & diversity programs; and (3) public service projects that help young lawyers reconnect with their communities. Please join me in voting on April 1st.



TYLA would promote skills & career development to help members secure access to better jobs, fairer pay, and flexible working conditions during and after COVID.


TYLA would solidify its mental health and diversity efforts by helping to integrate best practices in law  schools and in work spaces.

Public SERVICE & community

TYLA would reconnect with local communities through through Civics Education on how courts work, and rolling out existing projects on laws protecting children.