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TCPA cases from the San Antonio court of appeals after the 2019 amendments (Justice Chapa Update)

For the current issue of the San Antonio Lawyer, Justice Chapa has provided an update on 4th Court cases applying the Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA) (Texas's anti-SLAPP statute). The cases concerned: (1) how the 2019 TCPA amendments apply when suit was filed before the amendments were effective, but after a new defendant is added to the suit after the amendments were effective, (Straub); (2) determining whether a TCPA motion is timely filed, (Sinkin & Barretto); and (3) whether a motion for sanctions is a "legal action" subject to the TCPA (Gordon).

Read the full article below or click here.

(Also in this issue of the San Antonio Lawyer is a feature story on the 4th Court's former Chief Justice Catherine Stone (written by Sara Dysart, a former 4th Court briefing attorney)).

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