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And We’re Back! – 4th Court network “fully operational” after ransomware att

Please see the following 7-24-2020 statement below from Clerk of the Court, Mike Cruz:

Due to the May 2020 ransomware attack on the majority of Texas appellate courts, the 4th Court of Appeals’ network was disabled. However, as of July 22, 2020 the 4th Court’s network is fully operational, including the website, TAMES Record Submission Portal, and our TAMES database. The Court would like to thank the practitioners, professionals, and the public for their patience during the restoration.  The Court is proud of the entire staff for their efforts in issuing opinions in 77 civil cases and 44 criminal cases during this difficult outage. The Clerk’s Office staff fielded phone calls, handled the filing of cases, issuance of orders and opinions, processing of financial transactions, and IT troubleshooting, all without the benefit of our normal network capabilities. The Court is grateful for their dedication and professionalism in successfully navigating this unprecedented challenge. All cases are updated and the network has been fully restored. Please contact the Clerk of the Court at (210) 335-2510 or the Chief Deputy Clerk at (210) 335- 3219 if you experience any issues.

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