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Three 4th Court Attorneys recognized as the Top Lawyers in Appellate Law in San Antonio

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This month, San Antonio Magazine recognized 19 attorneys as the “Top Attorneys” for “Appellate Law” in San Antonio. Seven of those 19 attorneys are current and former 4th Court attorneys. The three current 4th Court attorneys are:

–Justice Beth Watkins –Shannon Kathleen Dunn (Staff Attorney) –Michael J. Ritter (Staff Attorney)

The four former 4th Court attorneys are:

–Chief Justice (Ret.) Catherine M. Stone –Kim Keller (former Briefing Attorney) –Greta McFarling (former Staff Attorney) –Lorien Whyte (former Staff Attorney)

Other former 4th Court attorneys and justices were recognized as the Best Lawyers in other categories. Thank you to San Antonio Magazine, and the San Antonio legal community for the recognition.

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