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Advisory from the 4th Court’s Chief Justice Marion re: Ransomware Attack

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To the Attorneys who practice in the 4th Court of Appeals:

On Friday, May 8, 2020, the Office of Court Administration (OCA) discovered the statewide court network was hacked by a ransomware attacker. The trial courts were not affected, but all the appellate courts in Texas, including the 4th Court of Appeals, were affected. In response, OCA disabled all appellate courts’ servers and websites.

While the technology experts at OCA work to restore the websites and information, the appellate courts are working with each other and with OCA to continue our work. The state created a temporary website at The 4th Court will post information on this website including opinions and orders as they are issued. Additionally, the 4th Court created a Twitter account to disseminate information. It is https://twitter/4thCOA_TX. Feel free to pass this information along.

The oral arguments scheduled for May 19 and May 20 will continue as scheduled.

If you have any questions specific to the 4th Court of Appeals, please call the Clerk of Court, Michael Cruz, at 210-335-2510.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Sandee Bryan Marion, Chief Justice Fourth Court of Appeals

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